Causey Fee Schedule

Effective April 2022

The following fees apply to services provided by the Association and are payable to Causey Lot Owners Association:

  • Transfer fee to new owner $500.00 (sale/purchase of property)
  • Architectural Review Board Plan Review – A:   $100.00 (deck, addition, or shed under 200 square feet)
  • Architectural Review Board Plan Review – B:   $300.00 (cabin, garage, or shed at or over 200 sq ft)
  • Site Visit $100.00

    (By Causey officials, requested in writing by a lot owner; water inspections, ARB review, etc.)

The Association in closing disclosures provided for the sale of a Causey Lot identifies nonconforming lot issues and requests funds be escrowed for new lot owners to complete the following improvements when necessary:

  • Escrowed Funds to Install/Repair a Driveway Culvert:  $1,000.00/each driveway *
  • Escrowed Funds to Install/Repair water stop/waste valve at the street for an individual lot:  $3,000.00 *

* Required for work that is not completed and  approved by Causey ARB prior to closing.

The Association will assess fines against lot owners on the following basis:

  • Non-compliance with Governing Documents $350.00 (State law allows for fine to be assessed every 10 days until non-compliance is corrected.)