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Covenants and Bylaws

Covenants and Bylaws, as adopted in 2014.

In Kind Hours – How to Submit

Entering In Kind Hours Online:


We know many of you have been working around your properties to remove brush, cut-down deadfall, and so many other wonderful projects. We hope you’ve been keeping track of the hours you’ve worked and the equipment you’ve used. Remember, every single person who works, no matter their age, can be counted, and anything that helps with fire mitigation (including spraying weeds and weed eating down grass/weeds) counts. We NEED these hours in order to continue receiving grant funds that help with fire abatement, weed abatement, chippers, etc. IMPORTANT: Weber Fire District has added a new program to help track property owners’ mitigation work. Each property owner will be able to access the program as many times as needed to record their time. Weber Fire will be able to track how many property owners have started a time sheet and are participating in the program. If it becomes available, chipping will not be available to those property owners who do not participate in logging their hours. It is very important that every participant fill out a timesheet–as many times as necessary. Here is the step-by-step procedure to report In-kind hours to Weber County. Please be very diligent in reporting so we can be qualified for future grants and special projects as they become available from the State of Utah and Weber County.  
Here are the instructions to enter your In-kind hours to our Fire Warden.  This is very easy and will only take 2-3 minutes to complete. 
1. Online enter the website:
2.  Enter your email address.
3.  Click on next.
4.  Enter Causey’s project code:  17WF-WLP-002
5.  Enter your name.
6.  Enter your lot number.
7.  Click on next.
8.  Click Mitigation only.
9.  Enter your total number of hours for all people combined.  Example: 4 people worked 2 hours each equals 8 hours.
10.  Enter the number of people who worked.
11.  Click on next.
12.  Enter how many chainsaws are used.  If none, enter 0.
13.  Enter how many days you used chainsaws.  If none, enter 0.
14.  Enter if you used a wood chipper.  If none, enter 0.
15.  Enter how many days a wood chipper was used.  If none, enter 0.
16.  If you used any heavy equipment, check the box.  If you can provide a receipt that is best.  If not, it’s OK.  If none used, leave blank.
17.  Click on submit.  You are finished.  
Please fill out this form every time you work on your lot.  Very important for all of us to do this to receive grants.  It may be worthwhile to print these instructions so you have them for future entries.  
Questions:  please call Larry Sanders, Board President:  801-540-3234