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  • Entering In Kind Hours Online:


    We know many of you have been working around your properties to remove brush, cut-down deadfall, and so many other wonderful projects.  We hope you've been keeping track of the hours you've worked and the equipment you've used.  Remember, every single person who works, no matter how young or old, can be counted, and anything that helps with fire mitigation (including spraying weeds and weed eating down grass/weeds) counts.  We NEED these hours in order to continue receiving grant funds that help with fire abatement, weed abatement, chippers, etc.
    IMPORTANT:  Weber Fire District has added a new program to help track property owners' mitigation work. Each property owner will be able to access the program as many times as needed to record their time. Weber Fire will be able to track how many property owners have started a time sheet and are participating in the program. Those property owners who do not participate will not have access to the chipper. 
    It is very important that every participant fill out a timesheet--as many times as necessary. Funding for the chipping program is based on community participation. 
    You will need to go to the following link to enter your information:   You will need to go to the following link to enter your information:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeF1p9_sCxsJycM04tECVzmILlOOv8XLsAGPZxADqD-44L5tw/viewform?fbzx=-3960969116777095767    
    This is the information you will need to enter:
    1- Project Code - This is how they track the communities.  The Causey project code is:  17WF-WLP-003 (those are zeroes). 
    2- Name (just last name is fine)
    3- Address (put your lot number)
    4- City/County Unincorporated (enter:  Causey)
    5- Zip (use Huntsville's:  84317)
    5- Phone Number  (not needed)
    6- Mitigation (what you need to check)
    7- Defensible Spacing (or you can put something like brush removal, weed eating, etc)
    8- How many people worked. Enter the entire number of people who work on the project 
    9- How many Hours worked: 2 people work 2 hrs each = 4 hrs  
    10- How many Chainsaw/Weedeaters used 
    11- Mowers or brushmowers used 
    12- Hands tools: Axe, Hand Saw, etc
    13- Wood chipper. If the property owner rented or owns.
    14- Heavy Equipment, Back hoe Loader, etc. If paid out of pocket Submit bill. No reimbursement. Sorry... 
    15- Submit
    If you have any questions, please let us know.  Thank you for your continued efforts to make Causey a great place for all of us to enjoy.