Roads past the Causey gate are maintained and regulated by the Causey Estates Lot Owners Association for the use of lot owners and adjacent property owners. Roads were built when the Causey subdivisions were created and legally dedicated for that purpose.

All roads are currently gravel and have a 20 mph speed limit. Please be cautious when traveling since there are blind corners and steep sections. Lot owners can help keep the roads in good condition by avoiding spin outs, using four wheel drive to improve traction and using moderate speeds to reduce the formation of ruts and washboarding.

Roads at Causey are not plowed in the snow season and access is limited to tracked vehicles. A sign on the gate and this website main page indicate when tracked vehicles are required.

Motorized travel off established roads on Causey common ground is prohibited. All property adjacent to Causey Estates is private property and is posted with no trespassing signs. Individual owner lots at Causey are also private property. Please be respectful of the property of others and do not travel on their land without permission.